Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does Anybody Care? ICE Disgraced by Corrupt Scofflaw Woman Atop Boston Port

It's hard to harbor much optimism for a house-cleaning at the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) shop when you read stories like this, and when you reflect that Obama needs to woo open-borders Hispanics to cement his re-election in 2012. Meanwhile, two aggressive ICE agents (Ramos & Compean) are spending another Christmas in jail.

Border security official arrested for harboring illegal aliens
by Chad Groening - OneNewsNow

An immigration reform activist says he doesn't know if it was arrogance or ignorance that prompted a high-level border protection official to hire and harbor illegal aliens in her own home.

The Boston Globe recently reported on the arrest of Lorraine Henderson, who formerly served as the director of the Port of Boston, overseeing 190 armed federal officers who patrol major airports and shipping terminals in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. But last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Henderson at her home in Salem, Massachusetts, charging her with repeatedly hiring illegal immigrants to clean her house.

The agents had planted a wire on one such housekeeper during an undercover investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian T. Kelly said, "She's supposed to be deporting aliens, not hiring them." Rick Oltman, the national spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization, notes Henderson had been warned not to hire illegal aliens.

"Her co-workers knew that she was hiring illegal aliens and were telling her not to, yet she continued to do it. And then [she] counseled her illegal alien employee as to how to avoid apprehension and detection," he explains. "This is one of those situations where you're just speechless. Is it arrogance? Is it ignorance? What is it that would have a person in this position act like that? This is an absolute violation of the public trust."

Oltman believes Henderson should have been looking out for the interests of the American public rather than trying to beat the system for her favorite illegal alien housekeeper.