Saturday, February 23, 2008

John Birch Society's Surprisingly Moderate Immigration Views

The New American, which is the John Birch Society's official publication, has published some surprisingly moderate positions on immigration, including illegal immigration.

Immigration Report: Is catering to those in favor of illegal immigration coming to an end?

According to national polls, at least 80 percent of the American people now favor cutbacks in immigration quotas.... More than 90 percent support an all-out-effort to curb the massive illegal immigration. That was in 1982. After decades, are we any closer to a solution to the problem?

John F. McManus, publisher of The New American, reports in his cover story, The Battle Against Illegal Immigration, on the progress of immigration control over the last 20+ years, highlighting what has and has not been accomplished.

Larry Greenley, contributor to The New American, offers real solutions including a model state resolution in his article, How to Fix Illegal Immigration. Both articles are published at

The print magazine discusses avoiding extreme solutions in the illegal immigration situation, and three influential black leaders give a candid look at what life is like for America’s black population living at "ground zero" of the illegal immigration crisis. Warren Mass offers a historical perspective with his Immigration as a Win-win Affair, and once again our publisher has the last word in his Unasked Questions Deserve Answers article covering the presidential election.

There is also a link to a .pdf file of the magazine's Merger in the Making issue, which can be downloaded and shared with others at no cost, about the North American Union.

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