Sunday, February 17, 2008

New York Times denounces "creaky, corrosively inept" ICE priorities

A New York Times editorial denounces the U.S. immigration regime today, or at least its perceived emphasis on excluding illegal aliens rather than speeding the process for legal immigration.

You can tell a country’s priorities from what works and where the money goes. With billions for border and workplace enforcement, the government has been rushing to impose ever more sophisticated and intrusive means to keep immigrants out. Yet it continues to tolerate a creaky, corrosively inept system for welcoming immigrants in — an underperforming bureaucracy that takes their money and makes them wait, with a chronic indolence that is just another form of hostility.

The denunciation is well deserved as to our system for accomodating lawful, welcome immigration, but you have to wonder what planet they're living on if they think current U.S. measures to prevent illegal immigration "work."

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